Tony Blow

Glasgow School of Art

Recruitment materials 2019–2021

Stand have produced annual prospectuses for Glasgow’s world famous School of Art for over a decade. The challenge in 2019 was to find a way of using the printed book to make more of the School of Art’s creative network and connect it to the world beyond education.

GSA is integral to Glasgow’s reputation for creativity and vice-versa – the city’s creativity is integral to the School of Art experience. Tony worked with the GSA team to map the School of Art’s influence, literally, on an interactive online map. By making the creative network visible, Tony was able to demonstrate the diversity of routes beyond art education and into hundreds of different careers in Glasgow and worldwide.

For the printed book, these links and connections became a visual theme. Online, the GSA Live Map was expanded to build a virtual open day system, allowing prospective students from anywhere in the world to explore the creative network and attend scheduled online chats with staff and alumni. All completed just in time to help GSA meet the challenges of a campus ravaged by fire.

The Live Map was extended in 2020 to show international links with other institutions. Over 70 art schools around the world have taken up the idea and rolled out their own versions. The printed books each year continue to attract recognition from design awards.