Tony Blow

Scottish Leather Group

Sustainability platform

The brands which make up Scottish Leather Group make some of the finest leather anywhere in the world. 180 years of design classics have been upholstered in leather from Muirhead and Bridge of Weir. Cars from Ford’s Model T to the McLaren Speedtail and Aston Martin DB11. Airliners from Concorde to the latest Emirates fleet. Furnishing from the iconic Houses of Parliament benches to the classic Eames Lounge Chair.

The challenge was to tell another story entirely. To build a platform for all companies across the group to talk consistently about sustainability. Leather is an inherently sustainable material – the original upcycling industry – and SLG make the most sustainable leather in the world, with the lowest carbon impact.

Stand ran a series of workshops with diverse teams from SLG companies to gather the truth – facts and figures on every part of the leather making process. If we were going to help SLG make sustainability claims, we had to do it with absolute confidence that we were backed by evidence.

Tony took those learnings and mapped them against the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Those global benchmarks provided a framework to talk about commitments and achievements one by one, in a simple series of connected themes.

Stand developed a name – Sustainable by Nature – and an identity that acts as a seal of sustainability. Tony then built a thorough and extensive communications toolkit for SLG brands to access. All sales conversations can now be backed up with documented evidence of every aspect of sustainability. Decisive information for the group’s customers in the automotive and aviation industries.