“I’m Tony Blow. I work at Graven, in Glasgow. I was born in 1976, the same year as both punk and Star Wars, I went to the UK’s oldest art school, in Derby, and I DJ at the world’s biggest burlesque club.”

Tony is a senior graphic designer at Graven, and has been there since 2002. The industry-leading brand experts create and implement successful visual and environmental brands across retail, leisure, corporate and public sectors.

He is also a visiting lecturer at Glasgow School of Art on the Visual Communications course, for the Singapore Institute of Technology Overseas Immersion Programme.

Tony was part of the tightly-knit team at Pointsize, a long-lived top-ten graphic design agency in Scotland, who are no longer trading.

He worked at ISO, who combine narrative and technology to create immersive experiences and motion graphics.

He was one half of the design team at Product magazine, from launch until close, an independent Scottish monthly covering pop, art, and politics.

Tony did an internship with Plazm, in Portland, Oregon, where he worked on their self-published magazine and as a designer with clients like MTV, Nike, and Lucasfilm.

Tony does a small amount of freelance work, including working as magazine editor and art director for TIPEC, The Independent Porsche Enthusiasts Club.

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